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New Toledo Village Directory

Get your updated directory that has helpful information about Toledo Village with cell numbers, area restaurants, stores, local government and oh so much more!  A great deal for $5.  Call Mary at 565-4188 today.

Local Volunteers lend a helping hand

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This group of volunteers helped to cut up the downed trees at the Toledo Bend Community Center today.  From left to right is Glen Dupree, Diane Conner, Lorenzo Liscano, Ken Conner and Doyle Waldrep.  Doyle's tree service let them use his skid steer to move the debris.  A special "Thanks" for helping in our time of need.

48th annual Melrose Arts & Crafts Festival

Everyone invited to one of the best

Arts& Craft shows in our area.  I t is a fun full day and not that far away.

Checkout the website at:


What's new in Washington? 


Call Olivia


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Check us out on our closed Facebook page.  Ask and answer a few questions to join.  All residents of Toledo Village and families are invited.

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