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Cemetery Help is always needed

Ever Active!


Toledo Benders Exercise Class - Monday, Wednesday, Friday
                                                        8:30 AM - Stretch and 1 mile Cardiac 
                                                        9:15  AM - 3 Mile Active Walking
                                                        Free & Open to all Toledo Bend communities
Toledo Bend Volunteer  Fire Department -
                                                        Klaus Gehr - Fire Dept. Chief
                                                        Yearly training for fire rescue and First Responders have help to 
                                                        make our community safer
The Toledo Gamers          Mondays @ 10 AM A day of cards, Mexican Train,                                                                                                     and other games.  Bring a lunch.  Enjoy the
                                                        women around the lake having fun. No charge!
Birthday Lunch                   3rd Monday each month - Toledo Bend Women                                                                                                       Pot Luck Luncheon to celebrate each month.
Toledo "Stitchers"              4th Thursday of each month @ 9:00  Bring your                                                                                                       sewing machine & lunch for a day of creative fun.                                                                                                   Contact Dale Kester for more information.
Pot Luck Suppers           1st Tuesday each month @ 6 PM in the Community Club.  Great time to                                                             greet neighbors and get together with friends, learn about future events,                                                           meet county and state officials, and pertinent information about our                                                                 community. 
Free Lending Library     The TBCC operates and maintains a free lending library with over 500                                                               volumes from top fiction works to nonfiction collections.  Donations are                                                           accepted.  Duplicates are shared with other public libraries.  Library is                                                               easily accessed anytime the building is open.
Toledo Bend Book Club Meets on 3rd Tuesday of each month @ 2 PM.  Members discuss a one or                                                           more books with questions and author study.  New members are always                                                           welcome!
"Thanks For Giving"       Tejas group, the Women's Association and the TB Community Club                                                                     members sponsor a project to collect needed items for the Piney Woods                                                             Women's Shelter and Safe House.  The collection box is at the CC at all                                                               times, available when the CC is open.  Items needed: Cleaning supplies,                                                             bedding, household small appliances, gift cards, and checks.  Contact                                                               Patty Farlow for more information.
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